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Skinning is the biggest nuisance in protective coatings. Skinning causes the avoidable waste of a costly coating material.
Paint containers are not always filled to the brim. So air present in a void reacts with the paint, thereby causing oxidation and polymerization of the coating at the air/paint interface. This results in formation of a solid skin during storage.
The lost of paint due to skinning is estimated to be as much as 3 to 5%. This not only worries the consumers but also the manufacturers when it comes to filling of small containers. The minute doze of an effective anti-skinning agent can alleviate the difficulty of skinning.

GUJOXIME is 99% pure Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime i.e. MEK Oxime. It is one of the finest anti-skinning agents of its kind available from GSFC. It has proved very effective in preventing the formation of surface skin in the packaged solvent based paint, varnishes and printing inks also.

Technical Specifications:

Appearance   :    Clear limpid liquid
Colour :    Coloureless to pale yellow
Odour :    Mild and Pleasant
Specify gravity :    0.916 to 0.924 at 25C
Ref. Index :    1.442 to 1.444 at 20C
Assay :    99% by G.C.
Flashed Point (Tag closed cup) :    60C Min.

Advantages of using Gujoxime:

  •  GUJOXIME has high solvent power and compatibility with a variety of paints and varnishes.

  •  GUJOXIME has very high potency. only a small addition is adequate to eliminate skinning.

  •  GUJOXIME does not interfere with other ingredients of paints and varnishes.

  •  GUJOXIME neither affects the rheological properties of paint nor the durability of the resultant film.

  •  GUJOXIME retards loss of dry paint during storage.

  •  GUJOXIME is neutral and does not cause any chemical reaction with the paint or varnish.

  •  GUJOXIME being completely volatile, leaves no residue or odour in the paint film.

  •  GUJOXIME does not produce any deleterious effects in paints or varnishes when used in normal dosage.

  •  GUJOXIME is coloureless and completely volatile.

  •  GUJOXIME provides maximum anti-skinning activity.

  •  GUJOXIME does not affect the drying time of the paints or varnishes in which it is used as suggested.

  •  GUJOXIME does not cause pigment vehicles separation.

  •  GUJOXIME has only negligible effect on the cost of the finished coating.   


GUJOXIME is an essential additive and an ideal anti-skinning agent for all paints, varnishes and printing inks.

Recommended Dosage:
The recommended dosage very much depends on the paint or varnish formulation but as a rule 1.0 - 2.0% based on vehicle solids (oil and resin portion of the paint formulation, also known as binder portion) is very effective in most cases.
GUJOXIME should be added during the thin down operation. For convenience of addition, GUJOXIME can be diluted with the normally used solvents.

Efficiency Test for Gujoxime :
Prepare :

1). 50% solution of resin in white spirit
2). Drier solution of Cobalt Octoate 1% Co and Lead Octoate 3% Pb.
3). 10% W/V solution of GUJOXIME in white spirit

Procedure :
Add 5 ml of GUJOXIME solution to 100ml of the resin solution. Add 2.5 ml each of the drier solution to the mixture. Transfer the solution to a 500 ml wide mouth reagent bottle. Close the bottle with a one holed cork. Insert a glass-tube through the cork into the void above the liquid without touching its surface.
Prepare an identical system but without addition of GUJOXIME solution.
Keep the bottles in a dark place.
Observe the skinning tendency in both the bottles periodically.

Varnish containing GUJOXIME will not skin where as about 3% skin will be found after seven days in varnish not containing GUJOXIME.

Gujoxime is available in 25 kg. HDPE carbuoys.
For your requirement, please contact:

The Chief Marketing Manager (HP)
Gujarat State Fertilizers Co. Ltd.

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Note : The information obtained in this publication is given in good faith for the general guidance only and GSFC makes no guarantee of data and assumes no obligation or liability in connection with its advice.

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