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Accelerators are material which help the decomposition of peroxides and produce free radicals which start the propagation reaction resulting in the gelation and ultimate cure of polyesters. Soaps of Cobalt and certain amines act as accelerators in the homolytic fission of peroxides generating from radicals. Therefore, the role of organic peroxides differ in their reactivity and response to accelerators depending upon their chemical constitution. The choice of accelerators very much depends on the type of organic peroxides selected for use.

Cobalt Octoate is recommended for use with
a) Ketone peroxides such as methyl ethyl ketone peroxides, cyclohexanone peroxides, etc.

b) Alky and aralky peracids such as tertiary buty1 hydroperoxides and esters of alky1 and aralky1 peroxide, such as tertiary buty1 perbenzoate, etc.

Potassium Octoate is often used as a synergistic promoter along with Cobalt in unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) systems. This product is designed as a partial replacement of cobalt soaps for use in gel coat and hand lay-up polyesters. The use of potassium helps obtain a lighter colored resin, offers reductions in costs, and minimizes gel time drigt on aging.

Cobalt 21% is often used in the production of pre-promoted polyester resins to minimize drift particularly on storage

Dura offers a comprehensive range of metal soaps used in the UPR industry. These include:

Cobalt Naphthenate
Cobalt Octoate
Cobalt Neodecanoate
Copper Naphthenate
Zinc Naphthenate
Potassium Octoate
Cobalt 21%

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