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DURASTAB  is the trade mark of stabilizers for PVC offered by us.

DURASTAB stabilizers include liquid organic complexes of metals such as barium, cadmium, calcium, zinc, lead etc. organotin compounds and solid lead stabilizers.

Careful selection of a stabilizer is essential to meet the requirements of a particular formulation in the process of manufacture or end use. In choosing a suitable stabilizer, the following points must be considered

  1. Heat Stability

  2. Light Stability

  3. Lubrication

  4. Plate Out

  5. Sulphur Staining

  6. Clarity

  7. Initial Colour and hold

  8. Toxicity

DURASTAB stabilizers have been designed to give an optimum balance of the above-mentioned properties. However, reference to the individual data sheets will show that some DURASTAB stabilizers are recommended where it is desirable to emphasise a particular property.

Overview of Laboratory Equipment

Variation in stabilizer performance is achieved by adjusting several components and should the existing DURASTAB range prove to be unsatisfactory for any particular process or application, we would be willing and able to develop additional stabilizers to meet a particular requirement.

Yoshida Thermal Stability Tester


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