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"DUROCT" Copper

In ship bottom paints "DUROCT" Copper serves as an anti-fouling agent. In the presence of sea water "DUROCT"  Copper hydrolyses slowly to produce copper hydroxide and Octoic Acid. Copper Hydroxide is an active toxicant.

The major use for "DUROCT"  Copper is as a rotproofing agent of textiles, cordage etc, and to prevent dry rot and mildew growth in timber. Its insecticidal property is taken advantage of to impart a long-lasting protection against termites, beetle and ambrosia and many other insects attacking timber/lumber.

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"DUROCT" Copper may be applied on textile fabrics by dipping spraying or impregnation.

The recommended dosage is 2% to 2.5% as metal.

Cordage can be treated with a solution of "DUROCT" Copper containing 1.0 to 1.3% as metal to obtain adequate protection.

Lumber and timber can be sprayed, brushed or impregnated in the presence of a small percentage of methanol or ethanol and should be allowed to dry properly before use.

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