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Durastab 36 is very reactive to water in any formatmospheric moisture or water in any of the solvents or media ingredients. The first manifestation of hydrolysis is skinning of the gellant. It must therefore be kept sealed and opened the container should be used as soon as possible. It is recommended that Durastab 36 be diluted too atleast 50% by weight with a non-reactive hydrocarbon oil and appropriately added to the printing ink vehicle ink as a good manufacturing practice. This addition of the gellant in a diluted form has another form has another important advantage : it helps quick and even dispersion into the media..


"DURAGEL" is a valuable thickening agent. It produces firm and stable gels in many hydrocarbon solvents at room temperature. The gels so formed are firmer than can be obtained from other known gelling agents at the same concentration. Gels formed with "DURAGEL" develop enhanced "long-string" consisency in many petroleum solvents and this property contributes towards brushability of paints and adds to thixotropic body required in inks.

"DURAGEL" can be used as a thickening agent in chlorinated hydro-carbons, fireproof paints and paint remover formulations. The advantages are the high body of the paint remover and solvent retention.

In chlorinated rubber paints, "DURGEL" helps in improving viscosity for pigment suspension, maintaining at the same time the smoothness and brushability to the paint.

"DURAGEL" reduce oil bleeding in putties.

In printing inks, "DURAGEL" is used to prevent exessive penetration of the ink into the paper while retaining the gloss of the ink, thereby facilitating successive over-printing of colours. "DURAGEL" forms stable gels with the oils used.

"DURAGEL" is stable even in the presence of additives which tend to destroy the gels made with aluminum stearates. Small addition of lead octoate, cobalt octoate, , cobalt octoate, water or diethanolamine does not hinder the gel formation of "DURAGEL".

The selection of solvent when useing "DURAGEL"  is more critical than when other aluminum soaps are used.

"DURAGEL" will not gel mineral oil, oil, ketones, esters, lower alcohols and other solvents such as butyl cellosolve.


Water                 : insoluble

Ethyl alcohol        : insoluble

Acetone              : insoluble

Benzene              : Soluble

Mineral Spirit        : Soluble

Mineral oils           : practically insoluble

Vegetable Oils       : insoluble in the cold but sparingly soluble when hot.

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Mumbai, Mh, India 400038 Tel: 91-22-2650861 / Fax: 91-22-2617352
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/ Fax: 91-22-2617352
Email for India : durachem@vsnl.com